Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Classroom

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In this course, you'll get the basic knowledge on how to use the software. Some people will want to jump right in and start using the software. Although that is one approach, we suggest you taking this basic course. We will walk you through the features so you can start designing and creating. These videos have not been uploaded to YouTube and they were all created specifically for this course.

As a student of this course you are getting the following.

  • Over 8 Hours of Video Content Currently Uploaded
  • More Videos Scheduled To Be Released
  • Suggest New Topics/ Lectures
  • NO ADS on the website or the videos
  • Learn at your own pace & pick and choose the videos that apply to your needs.

As a BONUS we will continue to update this course to match the current Sure Cuts A Lot software, version 5. As new features are added to the software, the course will be updated as well.


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