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Laser for Skycut C-Series

Laser for Skycut C-Series

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Plotters are cool. What's even cooler is a plotter with a laser! The Skycut C-Series Laser is an easily removable attachment allowing users to harness the sun's power to engrave into materials like wood, leather, paper, and other materials safe for laser engravers. The primary use is engraving but can also cut through thin materials like chipboard, card stock, and light wood/veneers.

It should go without saying, but lasers can be dangerous, as marvelous as they are. So be safe. Don't be silly and leave your laser-enabled Skycut plotter unattended when burning stuff. Also, don't use the laser on materials like vinyl. Please, don't do it for the love of all that is holy. Vinyl is made from PVC, which releases a noxious gas that will smell horrid and then poison you, your babies, and your fur babies. Don't poison things you love. 

Please note that the laser is designed to work exclusively with the C-Series and is not compatible with the D-Series or V-Series Plotters.
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