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DGI Tint Blade

DGI Tint Blade

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The DGI / Newstar Omega NS#5 Tint Blade is recommended for cutting all forms of window tint. The DGI / Newstar Omega plotter is also privately labeled as a Computer Cut plotter. These blades work incredibly well. And although we understand that they're made with the finest quality Tungsten Carbide, we're convinced they're secretly constructed with magical unicorn dust. 

The DGI, previously called the Newstar OMEGA (arguably a much cooler name), is a precision, high-performance plotter used in the sign industry. In the late 90s, Accugraphic Sales developed a solution for the tint industry that provided unparalleled performance for cutting window tint without cutting through its questionably thin backing. We at Plottergeeks have often wondered if tint manufacturers had a legitimate reason for the thin backing or if they're simply sadists. 

We're confident there's a reasonable explanation. If you are bored and happen to know the answer to this universally known unknown, please do feel free to reach out. We'd be thrilled to hear from you!

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