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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

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You've invested in a shiny new plotter. Why not invest a little more with an excellent extended warranty!

Let's say you manage to drop your fantastic piece of machinery on the floor (not recommended). Plottergeeks has you covered. We'll reluctantly provide the necessary replacement parts, all with a smile on our faces, even if you can't see us. you'll have to take our word for it, for the smiles, not the replacement parts. That's what you're paying us for. 

We'll also 2X your warranty. And if you don't want to do the repairs yourself, which no one ever really does, we'll cover the parts and labor. Do you know why? Because we care. We care about you and the plotter. We are Plottergeeks, after all.

Oh, and just so we're on the same page, the factory, bless their hearts, will not cover these sorts of accidents. So, it's a pretty sweet deal! Just promise us you won't purposefully break your plotter. The warranty is for accidents, not plotter abusers. 


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