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Moment of Inspiration v4 - Creativity with Intuitive CAD

Moment of Inspiration v4 - Creativity with Intuitive CAD

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Introducing Moment of Inspiration, or MoI3D, a groundbreaking CAD software that deviates from the norm to offer a uniquely streamlined and intuitive experience. Engineered with ease of use at its core, MoI3D stands as the premier solution for designers and artists eager to craft precise and detailed models without the steep learning curve typically associated with CAD tools.

At the heart of MoI3D's innovation is its Booleans and 2D profile curve-driven workflow, a powerful feature set that serves as an excellent companion modeler for rendering and DCC projects. Whether you're fine-tuning intricate designs or conceptualizing bold new creations, MoI3D's workflow is designed to enhance your creative process, not hinder it.

But that's not all—MoI3D boasts the best-in-industry mesh export capabilities, with support for n-gon mesh generation that sets a new standard for flexibility and quality. This feature ensures that your models are not only beautiful but also perfectly primed for any application, from high-quality rendering to dynamic animation projects.

And for those venturing into the exciting world of 3D printing, MoI3D shines as a robust and reliable tool that guarantees your creations translate flawlessly from screen to physical form. Its precision and quality of output make it an indispensable asset in your 3D printing toolkit.

In essence, MoI3D is more than just CAD software—it's your gateway to unlocking endless creative possibilities, all through an interface that's as delightful to use as it is powerful. Whether you're a seasoned designer or an artist exploring the potential of 3D modeling, MoI3D offers the perfect blend of simplicity, power, and innovation to bring your visions to life.

Full Version vs Upgrade Version:

MoI licenses are cross platform - you receive both the Windows and the Mac version installers and the same license key can be used with either or both of them.

The upgrade version requires a previous version license key in addition to the v4 license key that you will receive. You can order this version if you already own any previous version, including any of v3, v2, or v1 either EDU or commercial licenses. You can still order the upgrade even if you have skipped versions and do not have the latest.



Feature Description
Platform Compatibility Cross-platform code base with 64-bit builds for both Windows and Mac. Includes native Mac build compatible with new operating systems.
Multi-core Processing Utilizes multiple CPU cores for opening CAD files, significantly increasing speed when loading objects from 3DM, STEP, IGES, and SAT files.
Display Engine Updated to leverage modern GPUs with ample VRAM, caching display data in the GPU's VRAM for quicker redraw speeds for large files.
Polygon Sub-d to NURBS Conversion Method available under SubD > Create > From file for converting .obj files containing a sub-d control polygon cage into high quality NURBS objects, supporting a hybrid workflow.
Annotation Objects Includes 7 new commands for adding dimensions and text for 2D documentation: DimHorizontal, DimVertical, DimAligned, DimRadius, DimAngle, Leader, and AnnotationText.
Detailed Object Properties Dialog Provides additional information about objects, including the ability to calculate the length of curves and the surface area or volume of surfaces or solids, and adjust properties for annotation objects.
DXF Import and Export Supports reading layers, and import/export of dimension entities including TEXT, MTEXT, LEADER, and DIMENSION (linear, angular, radius/diameter subtypes). Exports dimensions to MTEXT, LEADER, and DIMENSION entities.
Circle Drawing Enhancements Added circumference field in addition to radius/diameter for circle drawing commands.
Arc Command Improvement Added length field to ArcCenter command.
UI Customization Allows sizing of the scene browser pane by dragging on its edge.
FBX Export Update Improved FBX export with options for FBX version, object names, and materials in the Export options dialog.
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