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SignMaster v4 Cut + ARMS (PC Only)

SignMaster v4 Cut + ARMS (PC Only)

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SignMaster BASIC+ARMS (CUT+ARMS) is for simple vinyl cutting and allows you to produce vinyl lettering, logos, and pinstriping. SignMaster CUT+ARMS comes with a basic set of text, curve, and object tools and fully supports ARMS and Laser cutters for contour cutting.

Vector Effects

Signmaster Vector Efects

SignMaster CUT+ARMS provides distortion effects such as arcs, 2-dimensional perspective, cylinder, flag, and a dedicated outline module.

Contour Cutting

Signmaster controur cutting


Take granular control over print and cut tasks with SignMaster CUT+ARMS large suite of contour cutting tools:

  • New contour cutting wizard with auto-build contours
  • New cut file alignment module for pinpoint accuracy
  • Perform print-then-cuts with ARMS-enabled (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) such as Skycut plotters
  • Perform print-then-cuts with plotters armed with LED lasers
  • Generate fold, perforated, and contour lines by color
  • Change plotter tools on the fly - useful for both single and dual head plotters
  • Full support for plotters with multiple tool heads, like the Skycut D-Series plotter
  • Support for CorelDraw
  • Support for Adobe Illustrator

Simple and easy cutting features

Simple and easy cutting features

With SignMaster's latest powerful cutting features, cut artwork for signage, banners, stencils, vehicle graphics, boxes, and crafting projects:

  • Streamlined and powerful vinyl spooler for cut file management
  • New send-to-plotter module for instantaneous cutting
  • Auto-speed-weed and easy lift-marks
  • Advanced blade compensation for perfect sharp corners on fonts and vector shapes

Drawing tools

  • Welding
  • CYMK, HSV, LAB color management
  • Spot Colors
  • Texture / Image / Reverse fills
  • Primitive shapes, including circles, squares, and circles + Power shapes

Layout Tools

  • Page, Photographic, and banner sizes (ISO/US)
  • Design Center - Object manager, Object selector, and Property inspector
  • Grids, guides, dimensions, alignment, spacing, and distribution

Text tools and effects

  • Artistic Text
  • Vertical Text

Import, export, and publishing options

  • Import or export in formats such as AI, DXF, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG
  • CYMK color data retention
  • Import exceptionally large bitmaps without hassle
  • Much more!
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