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TinyUSB - A compact 16GB UDP (USB Disk in Package) USB Flash Drive

TinyUSB - A compact 16GB UDP (USB Disk in Package) USB Flash Drive

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Meet the TinyUSB: the ultra-compact, low-profile 16GB UDP USB flash drive that redefines portability and efficiency. This marvel of miniaturization packs a significant 16GB of storage into a form factor so small, it virtually disappears when plugged in.

Unlike traditional USB drives that protrude and pose a risk of breakage, the TinyUSB's ingeniously tiny design ensures it barely extends from your plotter, 3D printer or computer. It's the perfect companion for precision equipment like the Skycut plotter, ensuring seamless operation without the fear of accidental snaps or breaks.

But don't let its diminutive size fool you. The TinyUSB is a full-fledged USB flash drive that offers the same plug-and-play convenience and reliability as its larger counterparts, making it ideal for transporting and cutting files on the go. Whether you're a professional designer or a hobbyist, the TinyUSB ensures your projects move smoothly from digital to physical, without the bulk.

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Capacity: 19GB
USB 2.0
Reading Speed: 12-20MB/S
Writing Speed: 4-15MB/S

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