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16GB UDP (USB Disk in Package) USB Flash Drive Chip

16GB UDP (USB Disk in Package) USB Flash Drive Chip

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the 16GB UDP (USB Disk in Package) USB Flash Drive Chip. Bare, bold, and unbelievably resilient, this marvel of modern memory technology offers a compact and housing-free solution for your data storage needs.

Crafted for the minimalist yet demanding user, its sleek, no-housing design not only makes it exceptionally lightweight but also remarkably resistant to water, dust, and shock. This chip is the perfect embodiment of durability meets mobility. With a generous 16GB capacity, it stands ready to store a vast array of your files, photos, and videos, all while maintaining the speed and reliability you expect from a cutting-edge USB interface.

Ideal for embedded applications or for those looking to customize their own storage solutions, this UDP USB flash drive chip brings a new level of sophistication to portable data management. Whether you're a tech enthusiast looking to build your own USB drive or a professional in need of a rugged, space-saving storage option, this chip is designed to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled performance.

Please note: The USB flash drive chip is best used in projects due to how thin it is. If you're interested in a ready-to-use low-profile flash drive, you may want to check out the TinyUSB. 


Capacity: 19GB
USB 2.0
Reading Speed: 12-20MB/S
Writing Speed: 4-15MB/S

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